Interview: di Catahrine Rossi interviews Ugo La Pietra for Friedman Benda

Ugo La Pietra is one of the most original and definition defying of the Italian maestri. In this conversation La Pietra discusses his hugely diverse output, which spans art, architecture, design, and craft and which includes artefacts, installations, films, publications, education and more. His work is underpinned by an interest in research, and concepts of the “disequilibrating system” and “living is being everywhere at home”. Active since the early 1960s, La Pietra has been a key part of movements and initiatives including Radical Design and the Global Tools group. La Pietra is however also notable as an individual working in overlooked areas, most notably his extensive engagement with Italy’s rich craft tradition.

Dr. Catharine Rossi is UK-based design historian and associate professor at Kingston University.

The interview is conducted in Italian and English subtitle is available.