Exhibition: “Fittile – L’artigianato artistico italiano nella ceramica contemporanea”

Cologni Foundation

L’artigianato artistico italiano
nella ceramica contemporanea

curated by Ugo La Pietra

preview Friday 3 September 2.30pm / 7pm by reservation by writing to rsvp@fondazionecologni.it by 1 September
Ugo La Pietra will be present in the exhibition from 17.00

the exhibition continues until October 31, 2021

Fittile proposes a fascinating journey through Italian artistic ceramics: an ancestral know-how, widespread throughout the national territory with typologies, techniques, materials, workshops, authors of a wealth and diversity unique in the world.
This selection of works stems from the expertise of Ugo La Pietra, artist, architect and designer, historical figure of reference for the Italian applied arts and for ceramics in particular: a territory that he has always loved and frequented, enhancing the different areas of excellence , working side by side with the artisans and creating memorable collections.

This is how La Pietra explains his curatorial choices:

“(…) In Italy today, in the field of the applied arts, or the arts and crafts as many enthusiasts prefer to call them, the medium of ceramics is being taken up by an ever growing number of people, almost always with direct or indirect ties to areas with a tradition of its use: those regions where many artisans still produce traditional objects with particular talent.
The works presented in this exhibition are an incomplete representative survey of artists and artisans who manifest their creative capacities through a skill in the working of the material and a sure personal language of expression. Technique and poetics are the two values that together give meaning to the exhibition; choices made by people who consciously refuse to recognize their work as part of the system of art or design. Conceptuality and spectacularity are the two parameters that we often find present in identical proportions in the objects on display.
Objects that hark back to the principal archetype of everyday use, but one that also has a strong symbolic significance: the pot. 

The exhibition is completed by a video installation by Lucio La Pietra entitled “Rizòmata“: the staging of the continuous dynamic motion of the first elements, which create and transform matter.

Download the full press release here

Fittile Triennale Milano curated by Ugo La Pietra
The exhibition will be open from 4 September to 31 October 2021 with free admission
Triennale Milanoviale Alemagna 6
Please note that a limited number of visitors can enter the Triennale Milano. We therefore invite you to consider any waiting times due to the necessary quota of entrances.

Artists and Artisans: Amaaro (Martino Pompili e Claudia Torricelli), Sandra Baruzzi, Chiara Berta, Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli, Bottega Vignoli (Ivana Vignoli), Linde Burkhardt, Roberto Cambi, Ceramiche Rometti (Jean-Christophe Clair), Matteo Cibic, Antonella Cimatti, Giovanni Cimatti, Guido De Zan, Pablo Echaurren, Elica Studio (Elisabetta Bovina e Carlo Pastore), Candido Fior, FOS Ceramiche (Piero Mazzotti), Evandro Gabrieli, Bruno Gambone, Ceramica Gatti 1928 (Andrea Anastasio), Alfredo Gioventù, Lucio Liguori, Federica Marangoni, Ugo Marano, Antonietta Mazzotti, Tullio Mazzotti, Giovanni Mengoni, Ignazio Moncada, Nicolò Morales, Mirta Morigi, Matteo Nasini, Simone Negri, Tonino Negri, Ugo Nespolo, Martha Pachon Rodriguez, POL Polloniato, Karin Putsch-Grassi, Francesco Raimondi, Alessandro Roma, Gabriella Sacchi, Andrea Salvatori, Giancarlo Scapin, Luigi Serafini, Tarshito, Nello Teodori, Luca Tripaldi, Ferdinando Vassallo, Silvia Zagni.

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