Solo exhibition: “Hortus Conclusus”

Opening: Saturday 8 February 18 pm – E3 Arte Contemporanea
via Trieste 30, Brescia

In Past the garden it has always been thought of as a closed public place, separated from the city (Hortus Conclusus), an enclosed place where imagination and fantasy can be developed.
Even the urban greenery was designed according to a succession of places, where the details, built “artfully” were deliberately conceived according to a physical crushing which has often been used in the design of the “garden”.
Once, importance was given to certain built places, gardens reserved exclusively for divinities, as well as to certain protected gardens because it was within nature that man sensed the presence of the divine. The exhibition offers works on canvas representing the gardens, representations of greenery in relation to its meaning and their use in the collective space.
Ugo La Pietra

… Since the end of the sixties, La Pietra takes care of mapping the environment that surrounds it, examines its behaviors and characteristics, highlights its contradictions and investigates the daily life, even in the small nuances, in an attitude that does not go in the direction of the ideological art of many colleagues, but it acts on a more concrete and less utopian level, which takes care of the substance of the questions, the practicality of the hypotheses and the proposals aimed at bringing man to regain possession of his own microcosm, to redefine the social relationships to modify their visual focus if necessary. Coming out of the experience of the Cenobio Group, which will inherit the unmistakable use of the sign as an expressive medium, La Pietra, an architect by training, begins his journey in the theme of Territoriality, the object of analysis and subject of his making art up to in our day. For La Pietra, the territory is all that constitutes daily life: from the concept of “home” to the social and cultural stratifications of a place, from the importance of the genius loci al dialogue necessary between urban and private space. The garden is a Hortus Conclusus, a protected space, fenced not to isolate it but to isolate itself, a place of the spirit in which to seek and find oneself; a space that also represents a symbolic role, a sort of terrestrial Eden, built in the image and likeness of celestial paradise, a sacred place, because it is above all in nature that man has perceived the presence of the divine for centuries.
from the text of the Catalogue
curated by  Simona Bartolena

E3 Arte Contemporanea
via Trieste 30
the exhibition continues until March 31

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