Solo exhibition: “La mia territorialità. Itinerari di ricerca attraverso il segno”

LeoGalleries presents


Ugo La Pietra
La mia territorialità
itinerari di ricerca attraverso il segno

opening: Sunday 16 February at 17.30

curated by Simona Cesana (Ugo La Pietra Archive) and Giovanna Canzi from 16 February to 7 March 2020
via De Gradi 10 MONZA

At the beginning of the 1960s, I painted paintings and rapid writings which, stretched out on canvases, formed fantastic landscapes. Even today I trace my signs in search of an “increasingly territorial” of mine, in which to cultivate my desires … Traces that are disappearing, souvenirs of past experiences, pages of a diary of explorer of urban suburbs, territories and landscapes patiently grown in a pot. (Ugo La Pietra)

The reality, thus crossed, designed and defined, finally becomes a personal “territory” for the artist: research leads to its own reality, its own territoriality. The Stone, through its acute and at the same time light sign, completes its journey ranging from the chaotic representation of the city in the continuous flow of its daily flow, up to the serenity of an ideal natural landscape, of a personal garden.
At LeoGalleries, Ugo La Pietra presents a selection of recent “sign” works that focus on the artist’s incessant search for the identification of his own “territory”. The focus of works on “La mia territorialità” includes works made with different mediums: canvases, drawings, hand-engraved and painted ceramics. Ugo La Pietra’s presence at LeoGalleries is part of the gallery’s work on the “sign”, which began with the Cenobio Group and in particular with the work of Arturo Vermi.

via De Gradi 10, MONZA
INFO T: 039 5960835
Media Contact:
Francesco Gattuso +39 335 6786974

from 16 February to 7 March 2020
opening: Sunday 16 February at 17.30
Ugo La Pietra speech: Thursday 5 March, 21 pm

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