Book: “Ugo La Pietra, Arte e territorio – 1968-2020”

Ugo La Pietra, Arte e territorio – 1968-2020

For many years, from within the art system, I have committed myself to switching from an art practice with an eye to social issues (artworks almost invariably originated in galleries and museums and then placed in the
urban space) to an idea of art “for” social issues.
Art for social issues articulates in a series of practices, but the first and foremost is undoubtedly that of “decoding”. Such a practice can be easily described, and therefore easily understood, via the motto “living is to be at home everywhere”, which I envisaged as I was carrying out a project with urban signage in the 1960s/1970s. […]

Year 2020
Format 19 x 26
Pages 192
Cover hardback
Language Italian/English
ISBN 979-12-80049-05-6