Book: “Il verde risolve!” (Green works it out!”)

Architecture insist on building houses, streets, neighborhoods and cities, introducing “green” into the building, intended as an element capable of acquiring or “solving” different functions. Forget always – the architecture – that the green, unlike the built, has a life of its own and its own development and over time has always had the best!
Analyzing the vegetation in its natural and unexpected expansion within the urban context, Ugo la Pietra focuses on its spontaneous manifestations by rethinking them, developing them and trying to bring this spontaneity back into a new urban planning vision. Il verde risolve! (Green works it out!) collects the illustrated tables that show the series of projects, ideas, arising from the observation of urban green, made by Ugo la Pietra since the eighties, accompanied by a prologue written by Riccardo Zelatore and an introduction by Marco Meneguzzo.

Ed: Corraini
Dimensions: 17.0 x 24.0 cm
Languages: ita – eng
Pages: 64
1st edition: 03/2015

An excerpt of the book has been published in the magazine “senzacornice”, which can be visited here

Buy the book here

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