Natura artificiale. Dal naturale all’artificiale, e viceversa. Tapestries by Ugo La Pietra

Natura artificiale.
Dal naturale all’artificiale, e viceversa

Tapestries by Ugo La Pietra

Collection of tapestries design and made for 1026
by Cristiano and Gea Seganfreddo

on show in Turin
Galleria Cristiani
November 1-9 2019

Nature: every design process that evokes it, every design that imitates it, every image that arouses nostalgia, helps us to understand the world in which we live and operate, and sometimes leads us to places where we can elevate the spirit.

Ugo La Pietra presents his tapestries as a decorative exercise in homage to the “garden”; these works represent for the author one of the many exercises he developed already in the eighties to create design stimuli with green inside private and collective spaces.
Over the years, La Pietra has designed the Ex-Manifattura Urban Park in Bologna, the Velabro Urban Park in Rome, the renovation of the Brera Botanical Garden in Milan and the extension of the Botanical Garden in Palermo.
He recently built five gazebos for the exhibition “Stories of public green at the PAV in Turin where he collected his observations on nature and how men have often been able to subdue it and rule it with wisdom.

Each tapestry in this collection undergoes a long and delicate procedure, from the selection of various and precious fibers and technical materials processed with a production process that mainly takes place on ancient mechanical looms.

The collection consists of 6 different specimens for design and color, unique pieces.

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